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  September 23, 2020 

Registration for IHE 2009 Events

Following on from the successful 2008 IHE events, IHE Australia will be holding three 2009 IHE events:
IHE Australia Connectathon July 28-31, the 
5th Interoperability Showcase held as part of the Industry Exhibition during the HIC'09 and Health-e-Nation conferences on 19-21 August, 2009 at the National Convention Centre in Canberra and .

Based on feedback from participants at the 2008 IHE Australia events, the Board has kept the registration fees the  same as in 2008.


Participation Category Fee Registration
Leadership Participation A$15,000 Pre-Register
Full Participation (>100 employees) A$8,000 Pre-Register
Full Participation (50-99 employees) A$6,500 Pre-Register
Full Participation (20-49 employees) A$4,500 Pre-Register
Full Participation (5-19 employees) A$3,500 Pre-Register
Full Participation (1-4 employees) A$1,750 Pre-Register
Connectathon Participation only (>100 employees) A$4,000 Pre-Register
Connectathon Participation only (50-99 employees) A$3,000 Pre-Register
Connectathon Participation only (20-49 employees) A$2,000 Pre-Register
Connectathon Participation only (5-19 employees) A$1,000 Pre-Register
Connectathon Participation only (1-4 employees) A$500 Pre-Register
Supporting Organisation (>100 employees) A$3,500 Pre-Register
Supporting Organisation (50-99 employees) A$2,500 Pre-Register
Supporting Organisation (20-49 employees) A$2,000 Pre-Register
Supporting Organisation (5-19 employees) A$1,500 Pre-Register
Supporting Organisation (1-4 employees) A$750 Pre-Register


Note: Pre-Registrations are no-obligation expressions of interest

Full Participants: Connectathon 28-31 July and Interoperability Showcase 19-21 August, 2009 in Canberra

Supporter: "Access All Areas Gold Pass" (incl. catering) for Connectathon and 5th Interoperability Showcase -
                   observing only - NO equipment testing

Connectathon only: Connectathon early July only, no booth at 5th Interoperability Showcase


Please pre-register now by e-mail - click on the "Pre-Register" link in the appropriate category. 

If you have questions please contact: Admin@IHE.net.au


Thank you for planning to participate in the 2009 IHE Events!


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