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  October 28, 2020 

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Course

IHE's "Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing" ("XDS") allows distribution and access of clinical documents across different care settings in healthcare enterprises. This can be the first step towards the longitudinal Electronic Health Record (EHR).

XDS is an industry-developed architecture which is extensible to support both point-to-point exchange as well as shared documents which "follow" the patient through different care settings.

XDS uses a registry/repository approach for accessing clinical documents, rather than a centralised EHR model.  It easily supports distributed and organically grown healthcare systems.

XDS is rapidly gaining interest around the world with some of the US Regional Health Information Organisation ("RHIO"s) deploying XDS in their system architectures.  XDS is being implemented for radiology image sharing across Canada and there are several early implementations in Europe.  A substantial number of vendors are "XDS-ready" and have tested their products in US and European IHE "Connectathons".  XDS uses a number of communications and data standards. It fully incorporates HL7 CDA which was endorsed by NEHTA in 2007.

We are pleased to be able to offer an intensive XDS Course delivered by Chris Lindop, a distinguished IHE expert and Interoperability Program Manager at GE Healthcare from the USA.  The Course will provide an in-depth understanding of XDS, its structure and capabilities.

Course prerequisites are:

  • basic understanding of clinical data flows in a healthcare organisation
  • basic understanding of systems architecture from a user/vendor perspective.

Course learning goals are:

  • thorough overview of XDS uses for clinical document sharing
  • understanding of the different types of XDS profiles
  • understanding of key actors of XDS including document consumer, repository, registry, identity management and audit/security
  • understanding of role of HL7 CDA in document metadata and content
  • differentiation between shared EHR, personal EHR and document
  • Case study: XDS imaging for Radiology
  • Case study: Discharge summary

At the conclusion of the Course there will be a short assessment to allow participants to obtain the Course Accomplishment Certificate.

IHE XDS Course

Sydney (NICTA) - Friday, June 13, 2008, 9:30 - 17:00

8:30 Brief Introduction to CDA (P. MacIsaac) Registration - Coffee
9:30 Welcome & Introductions Klaus Veil
9:45 Introduction to XDS
History and Use Cases
Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
10:30 XDS Technical Profile Overview Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Identity Management in XDS

Bill Klaver (Initiate)
Alby Creevey (Sun)

12:00 XDS Components and Actors
Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 XDS for Imaging Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
14:30 XDS Document Types Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:30 Using XDS to deliver Clinical Docs
(Laboratory, Reports, etc.)
Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
16:00 Future Developments for XDS
(e-Prescribing, Referrals, etc.

Chris Lindop (IHE USA)
Paul Clarke (IHE Aus)

16:30 Questions and Learning review TBA
17:00 Cheese and Wine
-------- ----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
The XDS Course fee is:
"Connectathon"/Showcase Participants: $150
HISA/HL7 Australia/MSIA Members: $400
All others: $450

Venue: NICTA, Bay 15, Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Sydney
Next to Redfern train station - click here for directions

IHE Asia-Pacific gratefully acknowledges the support of the Dept. of Health and Ageing and NICTA for this event.
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